Modesto CA HVAC Services

Modesto is located in the Central Valley, 68 miles south of Sacramento. It has been honored as a Tree City USA numerous times and is surrounded by rich farmland led by milk, almonds, walnuts, chickens, and more. As part of Stanislaus County, it can get hot in the summers and even cold in the winters in Modesto, which is why you need an HVAC company that knows the area.

Modesto CA Air Conditioning

Modesto CA HVAC ServicesThe summers in Modesto, California can go well into the 100’s with the humidity making it worse. Who wants to be stuck in a home or business with an air conditioner that doesn’t work well or stops working all together? We at Air Kustoms are experts at keeping your entire air conditioning system running it’s best for as long as possible. We help to do so by performing the following HVAC services for Modesto:

  • A/C Maintenance – Just like your car, your air conditioning system needs expert maintenance to keep it working its best whether it is brand new or an old timer. In response, Air Kustoms created a custom, annual AC repair and maintenance service plan for Modesto to remove the worries that can come with A/C maintenance and repair that includes regular services and discounts on repairs.
  • A/C Repair – Even the best made air conditioning units will experience break downs over time. Air Kustoms gets your unit back in working condition quickly and at a reasonable cost. Our experienced techs will examine the unit, diagnose the cause of the failure, and create an estimate that details the cost of repairs with no hidden fees. We even offer emergency 24 hour service should your A/C break down at the worst possible time.
  • A/C Selection & Installation – Considering a new air conditioning system to replace one that constantly fails? Air Kustoms can help you select from all brands to find a solution that offers great performance at the best price for your unique home or business.

Modesto Heaters

patterson hvac heating servicesAir Kustoms can also help maintain your heaters during those cold winter months, along with air conditioning services. These include heater maintenance, repair, selection, and installation. Our team has lived and worked in the Modesto and surrounding areas for years. We know what heaters work best for the region. Our constant goal is your satisfaction. This is why we take the time to explain all of your options, provide an honest estimate, and go over all warranty information.

Modesto Fireplace and Furnace Services

In addition to conventional heaters, we also have the expertise to maintain and repair furnaces from new units to old dinosaurs. This includes many furnace makes and models, in addition to those located in odd areas. Older furnaces can last for decades. We are there when they stop working as intended with an expert opinion on repair versus replacement.

We can also improve the appearance of your Modesto home with a new fireplace. New fireplaces add to your home’s value due to their demand. We will help you remove your outdated, dirty fireplace that will bring down the feel of the area. We will also put in its place a new modern fireplace that brings the room to life. Would you like a new fireplace where there is none? Contact us to get an estimate for if it is possible, as well as how much it will cost.

Modesto CA HVAC Services

Air Kustoms Inc is a locally owned company based in Turlock that provides Modesto CA HVAC services, in addition to Merced and Patterson. Feel free to call on us to learn more about how we can help you.

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