Furnace Installation and Repair

Many people totally ignore their furnace…until it stops working. Furnace installation and repair is important before your furnace goes out. You’ll want an experienced professional’s help to make sure you don’t make the problem worse!

We provide the highest level of quality in furnace repair, and all jobs are performed by knowledgeable technicians you can trust. Our staff members all have years of experience with furnace repairs, so put our knowledge to work for you! For a free estimate on your furnace repair, call us today!

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Did You Know?

Older furnaces made from heavy cast iron can sometimes last up to 30 and 40 years. However, they are far less efficient than newer models. The estimated lifespan for an electric furnace is 20 to 30 years. A gas furnace’s lifespan is an average of 10 to 15 years.

Source, Ideal Service

Furnace Installation and Repair

It is extremely important to do your research when choosing someone to work on or install a furnace. They must be certified, insured, and be worthy of coming into your home or business. Hiring the wrong furnace tech can be very expensive. They could choose the wrong unit for your needs, install it incorrectly, invalidate the unit’s warranty, and even damage your home. Worse, they wont’ be there in the future when you need them.

This is why Air Kustoms has been able to work and thrive in the Turlock and surrounding area for years. We have the know-how to both select and install new furnace. As furnace repair experts, we can also help you know when a repair will do the trick rather than “sell” you a new unit.

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