Gas Fireplace vs Electric Fireplace

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Gas Fireplace vs Electric Fireplace

Gas Fireplace vs Electric Fireplace Turlock

We all love to cozy up next to a fireplace on cold days. But which makes it cozier: gas fireplace vs electric fireplace? Both options give warmth and ambience to your home but have their differences. We will detail the differences below so that you can make the best choice for your needs based on a better-informed decision.


You aren’t having a fireplace installed just because you want some extra heat. You want a fireplace that livens up the area and goes with the ambiance you want to create. Both gas and electric fireplaces come in a range of aesthetic designs that can complement any room. However, gas fireplaces look more like traditional wood burning fireplaces than electric ones. In fact, it can be difficult to find an electric fireplace that could pass for a wood burning one.


You also want to consider what type of heat you prefer in your space. As above, gas fireplaces give a heat that is more like a wood burning fireplace. This is because they work by burning natural gas. Electric fireplaces use a common electrical current to generate heat. Think of them as more of a space heater designed to look like a fireplace.

Gas Fireplace vs Electric Fireplace Installation

Installation is another important consideration. Electric fireplaces may be powered by your property’s current electrical hook ups. However, gas fireplaces need their own line, even if your property has access to natural gas. Additionally, gas fireplaces need a small flue of their own to expel the burnt gas from the property.

Cost of the Unit

In addition, gas fireplaces tend to be more costly than electric ones. Here are a few numbers on fireplace cost for your consideration:

  • Electric fireplaces can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand.
  • Gas fireplaces can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 and even more depending on make and model.
  • Gas fireplaces tend to be more expensive to install, unless your property already has a niche for one.
  • Electric fireplaces also tend to be a bit cheaper to run but not much. A gas fireplace may use $60 in natural gas per year compared to about $25 for a comparable electric fireplace.

You can read a few guides here for the best gas fireplaces as well as the best electric fireplaces

Fireplace Installation in Turlock, California

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