Is Your AC Constantly Running?

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Turlock Heat Pump Buying Guide
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Is Your AC Constantly Running?


We are about to experience another brutal Turlock, California summer. You will notice that your air conditioner will come on more and more. However, did you know it can spell disaster if it runs too much? Below we will show you what to do when you ask “is your AC constantly running?”

1. Is My AC Constantly Running?

The winter and spring are not times of the season when your air conditioner will kick on much, if at all. However, as we move into the 80’s, 90’s, and even 100 degree plus temperatures, you will notice your AC come on much more often. This is not unusual, especially during its initial startups. However, if you notice your AC spends way more time on then off, you may have an issue. The good news is: it isn’t necessarily a disaster.

2. The Thermostat is Off

One of the most common reasons your AC runs is to meet the goals of the thermostat. For example, you set your thermostat to 75 degrees. The AC will work until the temperature inside the property reaches that target. However, a broken thermostat may never “tell” the AC that it has reached its goal and can stop. Check your thermostat’s electrical connection or replace the batteries. You may also use a common thermometer to see if your thermostat is calculating the correct temperature.

3. Not Enough Maintenance

Air conditioners and all cooling HVAC units are complex machines. Any clutter or interference with their operation can wreak havoc. Another common reason an AC constantly runs is a dirty air filter. These must be replaced every six months on average. Dirty air filters do not allow air to pass and the unit remains on for a longer period of times. Other components can also accumulate dirt and cause it to work overtime, especially on outdoor units.

4. Excessive Humidity

We are no strangers to humidity here in the Turlock area. Humidity in excess can cause the unit to work over time. The unit senses the air is hot and moist. As a result, it must work harder to provide crisp, cool air. You may consider having a professional grade humidifier installed in your home if this is the case. To get a read on the latest weather and humidity in Turlock, click here.

Is Your AC Constantly Running in Turlock or the Surrounding Areas?

Contact us if you live in Turlock or the surrounding areas and are concerned that your AC is running constantly or too much. Air Kustoms Inc is a locally owned company that can perform any maintenance, repair, or replacement tasks as needed. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help keep your unit running its best.