Top 4 Ways to Save Energy in Turlock

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Top 4 Ways to Save Energy in Turlock

Save Energy in Turlock

You may be surprised to learn how many ways exist to decrease your household’s or business’s energy use. Whether it is to save money and/or to help the environment here are a few top ways to save energy in Turlock and beyond.

1. Take Care of Your HVAC Systems

You may already know that your HVAC system uses the lion’s share of your energy bill, especially in the winter. One of the best ways to keep the bill down is to keep your air conditioner, heater, ductwork, etc. properly maintained on a regular basis. Failure to maintain forces the units to work harder, use more energy, and ultimately raise your bill. We recommend having an expert perform regular maintenance once a year (depending on usage). The cost can pay for itself in added savings and a longer unit lifespan.

2. Consider a New Energy Provider

You may have had the same provider for years. However, energy rates are constantly changing and you can take advantage whether you are a residence or a business. Be sure to shop around the well-known and even lesser known providers in your area. Rates will differ by state, city, etc. You may also use a tool like Best Energy Providers to search for rates in your area. Some states, like Illinois and Texas, have several sites to show you rates in your area. Be sure to pay attention to energy provider items like:

  • Current kilowatt hour and other energy usage.
  • Amount of deposit required.
  • Rate per kilowatt hour.
  • Rate per kilowatt hour by usage (rate for first 0 to 500 kilowatt hours, 500 to 1,000 kilowatt hours, etc.
  • Length of contract.
  • Cancellation fees of present and future contract.

3. Have an Energy Audit Done

Did you know your home or business can have an energy audit performed just as you could have a bookkeeper look over your finances? An energy audit identifies how energy is being used as well as the best ways to improve efficiency. The audit is tailored to identify which area requires the most electricity and which are producing waste. We recommend having a professional perform this audit, however, savvy DIYer’s can do a few of the tasks themselves. A few common tasks include identifying leaks on the property that let out cold or hot air around doors, windows, the ceiling, etc.

4. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Sooner or later you may have to replace one or more of your appliances. You may even have one or two on their last legs right now. We highly recommend going with the most energy efficient models when considering your new ones. They not only use less energy, but can often last longer than their more energy hungry counterparts. This is doubly true for your heating and cooling units, which is why we recommend with choosing a leading, quality manufacturer like Bryant.

More Top Ways to Save Energy in Turlock, California

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