Turlock Heat Pump Buying Guide

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Turlock Heat Pump Buying Guide

Turlock Heat Pump Buying Guide

We at Air Kustoms are experts in all things HVAC. One of the most commonly used units for heating and cooling in the area is the heat pump. Those of you in the market for a new one or who notice their’s doesn’t work as it used to should read our Turlock heat pump buying guide below.

1. What is a Heat Pump?

Contrary to its name, a heat pump isn’t just for heating. Instead it works to pump heat into your home for heating purposes. Likewise, it moves heat out of your home for cooling purposes. It does this using a number of HVAC components such as a compressor, air handler, condenser, evaporator, various lines, and more. It is a great choice because it requires only one unit to both cool and heat.

2. Know Your Needs

You should know what you are looking for in a heat pump before you select a unit. This includes the size of the property to be heated, including how many rooms. You should know if you want a residential or commercial unit as well. Those of you who are replacing an old unit should also have a general idea of how many kilowatt hours your HVAC unit uses on average per month. All this data can help you make a better decision on the best heat pump for you.

3. Go Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a huge benefit for both the environment and your wallet. Energy efficient units use less energy to heat and cool. As a result, they have less impact on the environment, use less energy leading to lower power bills, and tend to last longer than more power-hungry units. You may look for the Energy Star seal, but we recommend doing more than that. You should also take a look at the SEER rating, or basically the miles-per-gallon for HVAC units. Be sure to consider heat pumps with ratings of 20 or higher, even if they are more expensive. They can end up saving you in the long run.

4. Go With a Name Brand

Generics can be great for items that don’t really matter. However, when it comes to heating and especially cooling your home in our area, you don’t want to skimp. Go with a name brand manufacturer with a good industry reputation. We recommend Bryant heat pumps. They are energy-efficient, well-built, and have enough options to meet anyone’s property and budgetary needs.

Turlock Heat Pump Buying Guide Selection & Installation

Contact us if you live in Turlock or the surrounding areas and have questions on purchasing and installing a heat pump. Air Kustoms Inc is a locally owned company that aims to improve the HVAC performance of all properties in our area. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help select and install a unit that’s right for you.